Katsukawa House in Iwamura

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Katsukawa House (勝川家) is one of the remaining houses in Iwamura. It was built in late Edo Period. It has beautiful Dozo, the storage at backyard, and the 2nd house is very unique Shoin Style in Showa period. Omoya, the main house has great look of Edo style house.

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Admission: free
Closed on Tuesday
Open: from 9:30 to 16:30 (16:00 in winter)

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Katsukawa House in Iwamura

Katsukawa's shop name was Matsuya, and they sold wood and rice for not only Iwamura but also all other around area. They own a mountain for wood, and they made money of 3,000 Rice Tawara a year.