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Katori Shrine (香取神宮, katorijingu) is one of the oldest Japanese Shrine located in Kator, Chiba. The shrine appears in Japanese myth and it said Kasihma Shrine was built in B.C.E. 643 by the first Japanese Emperor Jinmu. Katori Shrine enshrines Futsunushi no Kami (経津主神), the god of warrior. As well as, Kashima Shrine, Katori Shrine is very important place for all Japanese martial artists. Many Dojo (Japanese martial arts school) have their spiritual scrolls for their success and eternal prosperity.

Katori Shrine is also very important shrine for all Japanese Kenjutsu-ka, martial artists who do Japanese sword fighting, because Naoie Iizasa (飯篠 家直), one of the famous sword master, found “Katori Shinto Ryu (天真正伝香取神道流),” which is one of three original sword styles of Japan, in this shrine after 1000 days of hard training.
Visitors Info.
Office hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Narita Station.
1. use JR Narita Line to Katori (43 min.)
2. use local bus to Katori Jingu

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Katori Shrine

Enshrined God
Futsunushi no Kami (経津主神) ? God of warrior

Katori Jingu is one of three Jingu (Ise Jingu and Kashima Jingu) which existed before Meiji period.
Festival of the Shrine: April 14

Katori Shrine appears in Japanese myth. When the mother god, Amaterasuoomikami, was established Japan, she had to conquer the disordered lands. She send two of gods, but they never came back. Therefore, Gods chosen Takemikazuchi and Futsunushi no Kami to conquer those lands. When they finished their war to conquer, Futsunushi no Kami built Katori Shrine to protect their home land.

The faithful Shrine
Katori Shrine and Kashima Shrine are considered as the most important Shrine to protect our country. Therefore, all of Japanese emperors face east and pray for the peace at New Year's Day. Generally, Katori Shrine has the benefits for family happiness, business, traffic safety, sea travel safety, and safe baby carry.

Buildings and Facilities
Torii gate and Omote Sando Stree has beautiful forest. There are many cherry blossoms which bloom beautiful Sakura in April, and Momiji which have great autumn leaves at Fall.

Kaname ishi (Important stone) is the stone which hold the head of earth fish. People believe this earth fish course of earthquake. Because of this stone, there is no big earthquake in Kashima. Stone looks small but it is so huge under the ground. No body ever succeeded to dig this stone out.

Katori Shinto Ryu
Naoie Iizasa was the founder of Katori Shinto Ryu and first sword master who started and formed Kenjutu (Sword Fighting ) style in Japan. At the age of 60, Iizasa was wandered about the way of sword and samurai, and he believed the way of sword fighting is not killing enemy but bring the peace to the world. After 1000 days of hard training at Katori Shrine, he finally found out the truth of sword, and found "Katori Shinto Ryu." Before him, there is no Kenjutsu style, and typical way of sword fighting was just swinging sword and just cut the enemy's body.

Iizasa made over 100 "Kata," the form for all martial arts from bare hand fighting to sword fighting for all possible combat situations. This was the first movement to bring the revolution of Japanese martial arts. Not only he taught Budo, the martial arts, but also he taught the spirits and mind of Bushi, the warrior.
He said:
"The truth of Budo is inside of your heart and sprits, and the way of the worrier is the way of human. If you have right mind in your heart, your Budo will save many people and bring the peace. Therefore, you have to effort and train your body and spirit really hard because Budo is the way to train you body and sprits to approach the perfect human."
His philosophy becomes the way of warrior and samurai.

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