Tohoku is rising.


It's almost been a year since Tsunami in March 11, 2011. Most of the coastal cities are still in the process of recovery. However, they are also moving forward with strong wills and sprits for the restoration from Tsunami. Visit, the restoration shopping mall of Kesennuma to see and feel their energy and power for their catchword "Reborn." They are not despairing anymore, but focused on building new town by themselves for themselves. Try not to see the damage of Kesennuma by Tsunami, but communicate their people, enjoy great seafood and beautiful scenery which still remains after Tsunami.

Oshima Island

Oshima is a huge island of Kesenuma. The city was destroyed by Tsunami, but many beautiful scenery survived. Mt.Kameyama has great panorama view of Kesennuma, and many beaches and capes are still beautiful as they are used to be. Visiting Oshima Island is great way to enjoy the nature of Kesennuma.

Tree of Hope

If you have an extra time, visit also Rikuzentakata. Rikuzentakata was also destroyed by Tsunami. However, there is one pine tree survived from Tsunami. In the pine forest of Rikuzentakata, there 70,000 pine trees were. All of them were wiped out except this one pine tree. This pine tree is called "Tree of Hope" or "Miracle Tree" and symbolized as the power of restoration. The scenic beautify of coastal area is remains as well.

Don't try to encourage people there, encourage yourself by communicating and receive their strong wills and sprits for their restoration!

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