Ippon-matsu of Rikuzentakata

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Ippon-matsu of Rikuzentakata (陸前高田の一本松) was the one remained pine tree of Rikuzentakata after Tsunami. At the beach of Rikuzentakata, there were about 70,000 pine trees before Tsunami. In March 11 2011, Tsunami caused by the huge earthquake wiped out all pine trees. Only this pine tree survived from Tsunami. It was a symbol of the restoration and strength against disaster. It was also known as "Tree of Hope at Rikuzentakata."
(Current Ipponmatsu is a replica made from the original Ipponmatsu)

Tourist Info.
There is no parking near.
Never stop your care in the restricted area.
-Do not enter the restricted area and NEVER come close to the buildings-

0. at Ichinoseki Station.
1. use direct bus to Rikuzentakata.
2 .walk south (30 min.)

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Ippon-matsu of Rikuzentakata

Ippon-matsu is in danger of dying down from the damage of sea water. However, the project of saving Ippon-matsu had been terminated. Ippon-matus was cut down on September 2012.