Where Tonya Goes!

This the list is the famous American Japan Traveler Tonya has been. Wherever she visits are one of the most exciting and interesting spots. Some of the are one of the life time events. If you are looking for some interesting spots, please check out her list!

Nikko UNESCO Tour


Nikko UNESCO Tour (日光の世界遺産巡り) is one of the most popular touristm around Tokyo. Nikko is located in Tochigi prefecture and one of the greatest spots in Japan. There are 3 great shrines and temples that registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites. They are one of the most expensive buildings in the world. The entire sites are built as the mausoleums of the founder of Edo Government. Those mausoleums has one of the best art of Japanese architectures.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Toshogu Shrine: 1300 Yen
Futarasan Shrine: Free
Taiyuin Temple: 550 Yen

0. at Nikko Station.
1. use Local bus to Nikko 3 shrines.