Events of October. It's Matsuri Season.

Kawagoe Matsuri

MustLoveJapan introduces the great events of October. Kawagoe Matsuri is over 360 years old Matsuri held in Kawagoe. It happens in the weekend of 18th and 19th. There are many beautiful Dashi Floats that parade through the Edo Style town of Kawagoe at night. It is so dynamic and lighten-up Dashi Floats are so beautiful.


Oeshiki is beautiful Buddhism Ceremony. Oeshiki is held from 16th to 18th at Kishibojin Temple at Ikebukuro. Many beautiful lanterns that are just like sweeping Sakura start parade from Ikebukuro Station to Kishibojin Temple. In the middle of Tokyo Metro, many traditional lanterns decorate the city of Tokyo.

Yokosuka Mikoshi

Yokosuka has great Mikoshi parade in October 19. About 70 Mikoshi assemble from all over Kanagawa. Mikoshi Parade start at Yokosuka Chuo Station and go into Yokosuka Navy Base. Only during this parade, people are allowed to walk in the base without passport. At the base, you can enjoy many American style foods. The parade of 70 Mikoshi are so energetic.

Also, October Fest. will be happening every where in Japan.

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