Kisibojin Oeshiki

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Kisibojin Oeshiki (鬼子母神・御会式) is one of the major Matsuri happen in the middle of October. It is the religious ritual of Nichiren Buddhism. There are many huge hand carry lanterns with paper Sakukra. The huge lantern is called "Mando." They parade from Ikebukuro Station, to Kishibojin Temple. The light of lanterns is just like sweeping Sakura.

Tourist Info.
This festival happens from October 16 to 18. At the last day, they will parade from Ikebukuro Station to Kishibojin temple.

0. at Ikebukuro Station.
1. walk east (2 min.)

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Kisibojin Oeshiki

This Matsuri started in Edo period. Many local people cerebrate this Matsuri every year.

... is huge hand carry lantern with paper sakura flowers. Each Mando has 500 flowers on 25 brunches. It just like light-up sweeping sakura.