Yonezawa (米沢) is the area of beef and Uesugi Kenshin. Yonezawa beef is one of the best beef brand in Japan. With the Uesugi clan who was the feudal lord of this domain, they developed great food calture here. This area is surrounded by many mountains, therefore, it has heavy snow in winter. It has many Onsen as well. Uesugi clan is the decendant of the famous lord, Uesugi Kenshin. There are many Uesugi related spot in this area.

交通动线 Yonezawa

By Car

Use Tohoku Express Way. Exit at Fukushima-Iizaka. 13 to Yonezawa.

By Train

Use Tohoku Shinkansen to Fukushima Station. Change JR Yamagata Shinkansen to Yonezawa Station.

Namegawa Great Falls

地区分怖 Yamagata