Namegawa Great Falls


Namegawa Great Falls (滑川大滝) is one of the 100 best Japanese waterfalls located in Yamagata Prefecture. It is 80m tall and 40m wide falls that make it as the one of the largest waterfalls in Tohoku region.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. No restroom.
20min. from the parking to the observatory.

0. at Yonezawa Station.
1. use JR Yamagata Line to Toge Station.
2. walk 4 hours.
The street will be closed in winter.


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Namegawa Great Falls

Type: Smooth Falls.
Height: 80m
Width: 40m

Namegawa Great Falls is located in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture. It's altitude is about 860m from the sea level. You have to go over the river to see this waterfalls. Be careful.