Matsumoto 各地旅遊



Matsumoto is large basin area of Nagano prefecture. On the west side of this basin, there is Kita Alps that has many over 3,000m tall mountains. Therefore, it has heavy snow in winter, and there are many ski resorts. Because of Kita Alps and other high mountains provide very pure water, Soba and Wasabi are major produces and delicacy of this area, especially Shinsyu's Soba is very popular. Also, Matsumoto Castle is the main feature of this area. It is one of 12 exisited remaining castles in Japan.

交通动线 Matsumoto

By Car

Use Chuo Express Way to Okaya JCT. Change Nagano Express Way. Exit at Matsumoto.

By Train

Use JR Chuo Line to Matsumoto Station.

Matsumoto Castle

地区分怖 长野县