Yokohama Symbol Tower

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Yokohama Symbol Tower (横浜シンボルタワー) is an active light house for Yokohama Port. It is 58.5m high and there is an observatory at the top floor which is 36.5m high. It has great view of Yokohama Bay area.

Tourist Info.
Admission: Free
There is parking and rest space.
Open from 9:30 to 16:00 (winter), 17:30 (spring and fall), 20:00 (summer)

0. at Yokohama Station
1. use local bus to Yokohamashinborutowaa.

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Yokohama Symbol Tower

It was built in 1986 for the signal and new symbol of Yokohama Port. You can enjoy great view of Yokohama City, Bay Area, and Tokyo Bay. When the air is clear, you can also see Mt. Fuji.