Yasuda Garden

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Yasuda Garden (旧安田庭園) is a Japanese style garden located in Ryogoku. It was used to be the house and garden of Daimyo Honjo during Edo period. It has a nice pond and beautiful garden. The pond used the water of sea which has high tide and low tide.

Tourist Info.
Admission free.
There is a restroom.
Open: 9:00 to 16:30

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Yasuda Garden

It was used to be a house and garden of Honjo Munesuke, the feudal lord of Hitachi-Kasama in 1701. The garden was unique because the water of the pond was connected to Tokyo bay. Therefore, the level moved for each tides. In 1923, the garden was damaged by the Kanto great earthquake, but the stones were preserved well. In 1996, this garden was registered as the Tokyo scenery.