Winter Activities in Kiso

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Winter Activities in Kiso (冬の木曽町) has a lot of funs. Kiso is located in Nagano prefecture, and it has one of the best snow in Japan. The activities are all exciting and Kids friendly. They have ski resorts, MIA and Kiso-Fukushima. They have the best pawder snow and easy slope for kids. There are horse stable where kids can enjoy horse back riding. Snow-shoe trekking and more fun to enjoy snow here at Kiso.

Tourist Info.
In winter, you will need snow chaines for your car.

0. at Kiso Fukushima Station.
1. visit all spots by car.

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Winter Activities in Kiso
MIA Ski Resort
MIA Ski Resort is one of the great ski resort located in Kaida Highland, Nagano Prefecture. It has an excellent powder snow because the altitude of the hill is very high. Because MIA is located on Mt. Ontake, it has a great view of Chuo Alps and Kita Alps mountains. There are 8 different courses including kids course. The slopes of the hills covers from the beginners to the expert. Also, it has a couples of slaloms that satisfies the professionals. There are curling field, Ice Wall Climbing, and Snowshoe Trekking as well.

Winter Horse Back Riding
KisoumanoSato Winter Horse Riding is one of the great attraction in Kaida Highland, Nagano Prefecture. In winter, Kaida Highland will be covered with deep snow. And here in Kisoumano Sato has a great horse riding on the snow. It has a great scenery of winter with fresh air and view of Mt. Ontake. There is a long course of horse riding that you can enjoy the mountain forest.

Furusato Taikenkan is a folk craft experiencing museum located in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. There are many folk crafts that you can experience. Making Soba and Wood craft works are main experiencing in here. Soba is very tasty when you make it from the powder. You can also try Sasamaki roll, Mochi and many other local foods of Kiso. You can cook your own travel food and make your own souvenirs.
More Activities

SnowShoe Trekking
Kaida Snowshoe Trekking is a popular winter activity in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. You can rent snowshoes at Kaida Visitor's center and walk around the Kiso Uma no Sato, the stable. It takes 60 to 90 min. Kaida in winter has a lot of snow in winter. Therefore, you can enjoy walking on a deep powder snow. It has a great view of Mt. Ontake. Also, you can see Japanese Horses at the stable.