The White Pond Hell

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The White Pond Hell (白池地獄) is one of Hell Tour of Beppu Onsen, Oita Prefecture. The Onsen water comes out as tons of steam. When the water comes out it is clear, but when it drops, it becomes a light blue color. They use this Onsen water to breed tropical fish.It is designated as the national sceneic beauty.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 400 Yen for adult, 300 Yen for High school, 250 Yen Junior High, 200 Yen for kids.
Time: 8:00 to 17:00
There is parking and restroom.

8 Hell pass: 2,100 Yen for adult.
There is group discount.

1. at Beppu Station.
2. Use local bus 2,5,24 to Umijigoku.

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Map around The White Pond Hell

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The White Pond Hell

The White Pond Hell is a beautiful white pond. This pond is surrounded by Japanese style garden. The stone tower in this garden is registered as important historical relics.

People use the hot Onsen water to breed Tropical fishes.

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