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Wakimachi (脇町) is one of the Preserved Area with Traditional Houses located in northern Tokushima Prefecture. There are many Edo style houses with Udatsu walls. This area was famous for Aizome Clothing. Many rich merchant during the Edo period built great houses. Some of the traditional houses are over 300 years old and people are still using them.
It is also chosen as 100 best streets of Japan.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom at Michinoeki Ai Land Udatsu.

0. at Anabuki Station.
1. walk north.

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Wakimachi was used to be a castle town. It is known as the Udatsu Town today. There are many traditional Edo Style houses still exisit in this street. Especially, some of the are over 300 years old. Nagaoka House is registered as the national historic asset. The street is about 430m long and there are 85 traditional houses.