Wakamiya Oji Street

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Wakamiya Oji Street (若宮大路) is the Sando (worship road) leading to Turugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. It is very famous for Sakura Tunnel street. Many people who visit Kamakura during the cherry blossom enjoy this beautiful sakura tunnel, and worship at Turugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. This sando was built about over 800 years ago for an easy delivery of Masako Hojo who was the wife of Yoritomo Minamoto, the first Shogun of Kamakura government.
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There are light up with lenturns at Night duirng the cherry blossom.
0. at Kamakura Station
1. walk east (1 min.)

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Wakamiya Oji Street

Wakamiya-Oji was build in 1182 by Yoritomo Minamoto. Its design was the same way of Suzaku-Oji in Kyoto, and built as the center of city and its development. There are three Tori Gates, and the Sando and those Tori Gates are using perspective technique so that it looks much longer than it is.