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Ueno (上野) is one of the most popular tourist spot in Tokyo. It is located north side of Tokyo Station. Ameyoko which is located right next to the Ueno Station is a very interesting shopping district. Ueno park has lots of great museums, zoo and other attractions. Also, it is the most famous Hanami spot in Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
Main spots in Ueno.
Ameyoko, Ueno Park, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Art Museum, Tokyo
National Museum and Tokyo Science Museum.

0. at Ueno Station.
1. walk west (1 min.)

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Ueno Summarized

In Edo period, it was called Shinobuno Oka. After Ieyasu open his government, Todo Takatora, the lord of Iga-Ueno, moved this area. Because this area was similar to his land Iga-Ueno, this place was called Ueno. Ieyasu established Kaneiji Temple, the temple of Tokugawa Shogun, therefore this place developed great as Monzen Town.

Ueno Park
Ueno park (上野恩賜公園, uenoonshikoen) is located right next to Ueno Station. It is one of popular park in Tokyo Metro. There are many attraction, such as museums, zoo, shrins, for tourists. Shinobazu Pond is another feature of Ueno Park. In April, many people have Hanami party at this park.

Ameyoko (アメ横) is the one of the most famous shopping street in Japan. Know for bargain sale. Consider it like Japanese Tijuana. There are many fish stores. All of fishes are very fresh and low price because the biggest fish market Tuskiji is very near by. For example, there are Tuna bricks for $20.00. Tuna bowl is the famous food for Ameryoko. There is also famous Ameyoko yaki which is Japanese style pan cake for $2.00. There are nuts, dry food, fruits, cookies etc … Not just food, there are wears, shoes, or belt. In Ameyoko, all stores are competing against others, so you might able to find great products with reasonable price.