Tsumekisaki Park

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Tsumekisaki Park (爪木崎公園) is located south end of Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka. It is one of the most famous Daffodil Spots around Kanto. There are about 3 million Daffodil in this park. They bloom in January to the mid February. There is an observatory around a light house. It has great view of Pacific Ocean. It has a great view of Sunrise, therefore many people visit here in New Year's day.

Tourist Info.
There is parking (500yen) and restroom.

0. Shimoda Station.
1. use Bus 10 to Tsumekisaki.
2. walk (5 min.)

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Map around Tsumekisaki Park

Detailed Travel Guide

Tsumekisaki Park

Tsumekisaki parki is located in Cape Tsumeki of Izu Peninsula. The cape is face to eastern Izu Peninsula.

There is a lighthouse on the end of the cape. The views around the lighthouse is stunning and breathtaking.

There is a beach and Daffodil garden. Daffodil garden is one of the largest Daffodil garden around Tokyo. It has about 3 million Daffodil. From the end of December to middle of February, Daffodil bloom and many people visit here to enjoy the flower. In summer, many people enjoy the beach.

The cape was form by cold lava. There fore the cliffside has a unique scenery.