Sakura at Tsu Castle

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Tsu Castle has a beautiful Cherry Blossom located in Tsu, Mie Prefecture. That Sakura blooms in late March to early April. Sakura with Japanese traditional castles' moat, tower and stone walls are one of the best scenic beauty of Japan.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom.

0. at Yokkaichi Station.
1. use Ise line to Tsu Station.
2. use JR Kisei Line to Tsu-Shinmachi Station.
3. walk east

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Sakura at Tsu Castle
Tsu Castle (津城) is one of the flat-land castle located in Tsu, Mie Prefecture. It was constructed in 1570. Originally, it was constructed by Hosono, but later Todo Takatora reconstructed and also built a castle town as the capital of Tsu Domain. Today, the main bailey with stone walls and moats are remaining in the great condition. This castle is also known as a Cherry Blossom Spots in Mie Prefecture.