Trekking at Mt. Hinata

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Trekking at Mt. Hinata (日向山トレッキング) is one of the popular hiking in Yamanashi Prefecture. There are many different trails for this mountains and on the top of the Mt. Hinata, it has one of the best views in Yamanashi. Because this mountain contans a lot of granite rocks, the top of the mountain has a beach. From the top, it has a great view of Mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Komagatake and Mt. Fuji. Also, there is a trail that has many beautiful waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
There are parking.
No restroom.
Trakking takes about 4 hours for round trip.

Need a car. Drive route 20 to route 614.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Trekking at Mt. Hinata

Altitude: 1,660m
Altitude difference: 514m
The route: for beginners

Hiking at Mt. Hinata is very popular because it is eazy hiking and has a great view of Yamanshi prefecuture. This video introduces Yatateishi route that is for the beginners.

Yatateisi Route
Takes about 4 hours for the round trip.

There is also Ojirogawa Valley route that has many beautiful waterfalls.