Towadako Oide Auto Camp Site

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Towadako Oide Auto Camp Site (十和田湖生出キャンプ場) is one of the great camp sites located nearby Lake Towada. There are a plating site and auto camp site here. You can do also the big camp fire, too. Because it is located next to Lake Towada and surrounded by the beautiful forest. The altitude of Lake Towada is about 400m above the sea level, so this is very cool site even in summer. Each Auto Camp Site has an AC power, so it is very convenient.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Season: Apr. 25 to Nov. 5.
Check in and out time: 13:00 and 11:00
No Creadit Card.
Price Auto Camp Site: 3000 Yen
You can do BBQ at your site.

To make a reservation:

Need a car. Drive 103.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Towadako Oide Auto Camp Site
Towadako Oide Auto Camp Site is a great camp site located at Lake Towada. There are many facilities to make your camp easier. It has laundries, shower rooms, BBQ site, AC power. There are Onsen town nearby, too.

Auto Camp Site for a night: 3,000 yen

Tent with mattress for 4 persons. 2000 yen
Blanket: 200 yen
Lantern: 100 yen
BBQ stand: 1,000 yen
Charcoal: 500 yen
Launder: 200 yen
Pay Shower: 100 yen