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Tonohetsuri (塔のへつり) is one of the scenic beauty located in Shimogo, Fukushima Prefecture. It is a hard cliff located on the side of Okawa River. It is about 200m long with many intersting rocks. There is a pass in the middle of the cliff that people can walk. It is well known for Koyo spot in Autumn.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
There are many gift shops and restaurants around the cliff.

0. Aizu Wakamatsu Station.
1. use Aizu line to Tonohetsuri Station.
2. walk 10 min.

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Map around Tonohetsuri

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Tonohetsuri is a hard cliff located in Southern Aizu. It is well known for the beautiful scenery. It is registered as the national monument of nature. It was form by erosion of the river.