Toju-en Garden

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Toju-en Garden (藤樹園) is one of Bonsai Garden in Bonsai Village. It is also Bonsai School which you can learn how to Bonsai. There are hundreds of Bonsai arts displayed in this garden.

Visitor's info.
Admission: free
Open: 9:00 to 16:00
At the Bonsai Garden, keep these manners.
No Photo.
Don't touch anything.
No eating and drinking.

0. at Omiya Station.
1. use Tobu Noda Line to Kita-Omiya (2 min.).
2. walk north (3 min.)

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Map around Toju-en Garden

Detailed Travel Guide

Toju-en Garden

Japan is the nation of islands with four seasons, and most of Japanese lands are mountains. Bonsai was born by living with Japanese nature. Bonsai is the art to enjoy Japanese nature in your space and heart. You enjoy Japanese Nature and take the great impression of it to your Bonsai. Bonsai express your poem.

Bonsai School
No English teacher.
Admission: 5.000 yen for entry, and 6,000 yen for monthly tuition.
Time and Day: Sat. and Sunday from 9am to 4pm

Professional instructors will teach you how to take care and grow Bonsai from the basic techniques to advanced techniques.

Bonsai is also "Do," the way of Japanese art. The school teaches you not only the techniques, but also teach you the heart and sprits of Bonsai-do.

Later, you will understand the art form of "Wabi" and "Sabi," the most important emotional sense to understand Japanese art and beauty.

Advices for enjoy Bonsai
- When you see Bonsai, see it from the lower angle. Think that you are became a dwarf and traveling a mountain.

- Watch Hachi, the container. It's shape, size, color of Hachi is very important. Bonsai uses small Hachi (because large Hachi is hard to keep soil warm, and roots grows too much which effects the growth of its leaves.) but the tree growth strongly and widely which represent the strength of the nature.

- When the roots get tight and strong, tree also becomes very strong, and grows beautiful leaves and flowers in each seasons.

- Trees grows very slow, but the process of taking care of tree gives you a lot of pleasures into your heart.

- Bonsai is not letting tree grow bigger and wider, but keeping it small and tight. This is like teaching a tree manners and honors. Growing small Bonsai is much harder than having big Bonsai.

- Try to make a poem with Bonsai. The emotion which you want to express though Bonsai is the art of Bonsai. Each Bonsai has its poem. So, when you watch Bonsai not only watching it, but also listen to it what it tells you into your heart.

By Mr. Hamano the owner of Toju-en Garden