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Togakushi','戸隠',4,'Togakushi (戸隠) is one of the most famous power-spot today. It is located northern Nagano Prefecture. The power- spot is Japanese spiritual spots where you can gain the natural power. For long time, Japanese people built shrines on those power spots. The best example is the top of Mt. Fuji. There are 3 major Togakushi shrines known as the power-spot. Especially, Okusya, the upper shine, has a history of 1,000 years and is considered as the strongest power-spot. The Cedar avenue of Okusya is beautiful. Togakushi is also famous for its Soba because Togakushi has a clean water.

Tourist Info.
It is very crowded today. It is so hard to find parking during the weekend. On the weekends, there is a shuttle bus to travel all major spot. in Togakushi.

0. at Nagano Station.
1. use express bus to Togakushi (1hr.)

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Map around Togakushi

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There are five Togakushi Shrines. Okusya, the upper shrine is the most famous shrine and also oldest shine of all five. It is located on Mt. Togakushi.

The center of Togakushi is around Togakushi Shrine Chusya, the center shrine. There are many gift shops, restaurants and hotels are located around this shrine.

What to do in Togakushi
Togakushi has sky resort.
Togakushi is also famous for its Ninja called Togakure ryu Ninpo.
In the autumn Togakushi has beautiful Autumn leaves and there are many beautiful mountains for hiking.
You can enjoy camping at Togakushi.