The Blue Cave

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The Blue Cave (青の洞窟) is one of the most popular squba and snorkel spots in Okinawa Main Island. It is located Onna Village, Okinawa prefecture. It is the cave that you can visit from sea by snorkeling or squab diving. The sun light that comes from the entrance create the beautiful blue color. The water has mysterious blue world. Around the cave, there is coral sea with many beautiful fishes.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
You can also visit by walking.
Becareful about the tide.
Join Tour to enjoy Snorkel
0. at the airport.
1. use Local bus No. 20 or 120 to Ryukyumura.
2. walk north.

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Map around The Blue Cave

Detailed Travel Guide

The Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is the most poplar squba and snorkel spots in Okinawa Island. This cave was created by erosion of sea water. The Sun Light creats the beautiful blue light under the water.

There is large coral sea with many friendly fishes. So, it is excellet place for the squba and snorkel beginners.