Teriha Valley

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Teriha Valley (照葉峡) is one of the famous spot for Koyo, Autumn leaves. There are 11 small waterfalls and beautiful river. In the middle of October, the entire mountain become Autumn leaves. Koyo spot has over 10 km long.

Tourist Info.
There is no restroom.

0. at Shibukawa Station.
1. use JR to Minakami Station
2. use bus to the last stop.
3. walk east 2 hours.

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Map around Teriha Valley

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Teriha Valley

Teriha Valley is located deep side of Tone RIver. One of the best spot for Koyo and hiking. There are 11 waterfalls named by famous poet, Mizuhara.
Higurashi falls
KInomi falls
Tsuyu falls
Tsuzumi falls
Mokusei falls
Hisui falls
Yamabiko falls
Hakuryu falls
Iwana falls
Senryu falls