Takaori Diamond Fuji

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Takaori Diamond Fuji (高下 ダイヤモンド富士) is one of the most popular New Year's Sunrise happens at Fujigawa, Yamanashi Prefecture. At the New Year's Day, the Sun rises from the top of Mt. Fuji. This phenomenon is called Diamond Fuji.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
The Sunrise time is around 7:00.

Need a car.
From Masuho IC, drive 413 west to 42 south. Change to 406.

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Takaori Diamond Fuji
Diamond Fuji is the phenomenon called when the sun rises at the top of Mt. Fuji. Takaori of Fujimi city has very special Diamond Fuji because it rises at the New Year's Day. This place is also chosen as 100 best Mt. Fuji view points of Kanto Region. There are many people visit here at the new years day to take a moment of the great Sunrise.