Sweeping Sakura at Jiganji

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Sweeping Sakura at Jiganji (慈眼寺の枝垂桜) is one of the gorgeous Cherry Blossom in Saitama. It is over 260 years old Sakura that is 15m tall. Around the end of March, the huge Sakura trees start blooming.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission: 200 Yen
There is lit-up Sakura at night.
There is a shop that sales local food products.

0. at Kawagoe Station.
1. use Tobu Bus to Kawagoe sakai.
2. walk (2 min.)

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Sweeping Sakura at Jiganji
Jiganji Temple is Shingon Buddhism established in 17th century by Priest Hoinkasetu. The sweeping sakura was planted in 1755.

Uba-Higan Sakura
15m tall, 1.7m wide. Bloom around the end of March.