Suwa Grand Shrine Harumiya

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Suwa Shrine Shimosya Harumiya (諏訪大社下社春宮) is one of four Suwa Grand Shrines located north side of Lake Suwa. The Torii gate and Stone name plate were made in 1656. Kaguraden was originally made in 1680, and kept fixing hundreds of years. The main shrine was built in 1780 by Shibamiya Nagazaemon. The bridge located at the south of the entrance was built in Muromachi Period.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.

0. at Matsumoto Station.
1. use JR Shinoi Line to Shimosuwa (38 min.)
2. walk (20 min.)

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Suwa Grand Shrine Harumiya

Enshrines: Takeminakata no Kami, Yasakatome no Kami, and Yaekotoshironushi no Kami.

The design of Harumiya and Akimiya are the same. When Shibamiya and Tatekawa, the architect of Akimiya, started building their shrines, they were completing each other by building faster and better then other. Legend said Shibamiya sent people to disturb Tachibana. They cut the wood, but Tatekawa suspected Shibamiya's action and left wood longer. After the disturbance, the wood fit into correct length.

Geba Bridge
... is the oldest building in Harumiya. Originally, built in Muromachi Period (14th to 15th century), and fixed in 1730. Today, at the Senzasai Matsuri, Mikoshi passes this bridge. The water of the river under the bridge is used for purification for Onbashira.