Setsubun Matsuri at Soganji Temple

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Soganji Temple (総願寺) is located Kazo, Saitama. It has unique Setsubun Matsuri which has the history over 380 years.

Visitors Info.
There is no parking. Visit there by train.

0. at Omiya Station
1. use JR Tohoku Line to Kuki (20 min.)
2. use Tobu Isezaki Line to Kazo (11min.)

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Setsubun Matsuri at Soganji Temple

Soganji Temple was built in 1616. It has very unique Setsubun Festival in February 3. Their style is called "Chasing Oni, Japanese Ogre, Style. "This chasing "Oni" style has been performed over 350 years. There are three Oni. Akaoni carried a torch. Aooni has a sword. Kurooni has a blend. When you get soy beans, get good luck for the year.
Soganji Temple is one of the three major Fudo Temple.