Shuzenji Onsen

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Shuzenji Onsen (修善寺温泉) is the oldest Onsen town in Izu Peninsula. The name was taken from Shuzenji Temple. It is chosen as the 100 best Onsen in Japan. The town is developed around the Kakegawa River. There are many Onsen hotels. Hakoyu is the only public Onsen you can enjoy. Because it is quiet and peaceful town, many famous writers like Soseki Natsume visited and stayed here and finish their books. There are many classic Onsen entertainments.

Tourist Info.
Hakoyu (Public Onsen): 350 yen.

0. at Mishima Station
1. use Izu Hakone Line to Shuzenji (30 min.)
2. take local bust to Shuzenji (8 min.)

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Shuzenji Onsen

The history of Shuzenji Onsen began by the Buddhist monk, Kohotaishi at Heian Period. When he open Shuzenji temple he also found Onsen, called “Dokko no Yu.” This is the origin of this Onsen Town. Legend said, when Kohotaishi saw boy who was washing his sick father at the Kakegawa, Kohotaishi break the rock and spring the hot water for them to cure boy’s father.