Shonandaira Hills

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Shonandaira Hills (湘南平) is located between Oiso and Hiratsuka City. It has 181m high which as great view of Shonan area nd Sagami Bay. Especially, at night there is great night scenes. There is one observation Tower and TV Tower which you can also go up and see the great view. During the spring, there are many Sakura bloom and many people visite here and enjoy Hanami.

Tourist Info.
There is free parking

0. at Kozu Station
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Hiratsuka (14 min.)
2. take bus to Shonandaira Resthouse.(30 min.)

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Map around Shonandaira Hills

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Shonandaira Hills

This is the spot where the legend of keylock was born. Many couples believe that when they put both name on a keylock and lock it on the wall of the TV tower, their love will stay forever; However, every once a year, all the locks will be removed for cleaning the tower, all couple will be broke up eventury.