Shomyoji Temple

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Shyomyoji Temple (称名寺) is ShingonRitsu Buddhist Temple located in Kanazawa, Yokohama. The entire temples and garden was chosen as the important historical spots. The gate and garden has great views which represent the land of Perfect Bliss. In the spring, there are beautiful Sakura, cherry blossom, at the main leading street and inside of the temple.

Visitors Info.
There is no parking, but restroom.

0. at Yokohama Station.
1. use Keihinkyuko Line to Kanazawa Hakkei (18 min.)
2. walk east (20 min.)

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Map around Shomyoji Temple

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Shomyoji Temple

Shomyoji was built in 1258 by Hojo Sanetoki. Under the great support of Hojo Family, the temple was growing until the end of Kamakura Government. The garden was built 1320 to represent the land of Perfect Bliss. This temple preserved all Sanetoki’s books of history, Buddhism, Literature and Politics. Many of them had been lost but some of them are still preserved at Kanazawa bunko Library.

Current garden was re-build in 1987. There are many buildings, such as the gate, temples, are chosen as the important historical properties of Japan.