Shokasonjuku Academy

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Shokasonjuku Academy (松下村塾) is one of the Meiji Restoration spots located in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture. It was run by Yoshida Shoin who taught many Legendary Samurai such as Ito Hirofumi the first prime minister of Japan. It is located inside of Shoin Shrine. It is the old traditional houses still remaining as the original building.

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There are parking and a restroom.

0. at Hagi Station.
1. use a local bus to Shoinjinja.


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Shokasonjuku Academy
The Shokasonjuku Academy(松下村塾) is a small wooden one-storey building with a tiled roof. Originally, the building consisted of one classroom with a tatami floor of 8 mats. Later, students helped to build an extension to the building, adding an area of 10.5 mats.
Yoshida Shoin's uncle Tamaki Bunnoshin opened an academy at his home, which was not far from the current location and named the Shokasonjuku. Kubo Gorozaemon took over and was involved in the education of young people.
In the fourth year of the Ansei era of 1857, on November 5, 28-year-old Yoshida Shoin took over and transferred it from the confined space in his uncle's house to the current location, where he gave lectures. This is the place where Shoin spent one year with the students, until November 29 of the following year, the fifth year of the Ansei era 1858. The Shokasonjuku Academy taught the youths who gathered there that, regardless of their social status, they were Japanese who could take action with determination and pride.