Shiratani Unsui Valley

Travel Information

Shiratani Unsui Valley is one of the popular spot in Yakushima. It has many beautiful Moss field that was appears in the movie Princess Mononoke and Yakusugi, giant 1,000 years old Cedar trees. It is about four hours of trekking. This valley has one of the best scenic beauty in Japan, especially moss field and water.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
You need trekking shoes, water and lunch box.
For beginners.
Takes 4 to 5 hours.

0. at Miyanoura Port.
1. use a bus to Shiratani Unsui Valley (35 min.)


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Detailed Travel Guide

Shiratani Unsui Valley

Shiratani Unsui Valley is known as the world of Moss and beautiful nature. Also, it has may beautiful waterfalls and giant Yakusugi.

For: Beginners.
Mountain Fee: 300 yen.
Total Time: 5 hours.
Total Distance: 4.2km


15 min.

Hiryu Otoshi Falls
It is 50m tall waterfalls.

5 min.

It is 2 generation cedar trees. It is 32m tall and 4.4m round cedar tree.

25 min.

Sanbonashi sugi
It is 25m tall and 3.9m round. It has 3 foot.

20 min.

Three spears cedars. It is 25m tall and 2.7m round.

15 min.

It is largest cedar in this valley. It is 24m tall and 8.5m round.

30 min.

Kuguri sugi
It's a tunnel cedar. It is 22m tall and 3.1m round.

10 min.

Nanahon Sugi
There are 7 brunches. It is 18m tall and 8.3m round.

10 min.

Kokemusu mori
Its a grove of Moss. It was model of the movie princess Mononoke.

45 min.

It is a huge rock that has a great view.


It is a 3,000 years old, 26.1m tall, 8.1m girth and