Shirahama Ohama Beach

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Shirahama Ohama Beach (白浜大浜海岸) is one of Shirahama Beach located in Shimoda, Izu peninsula. It is 770m long beach with beautiful white sand and green ocean. Because it is conveniently located near from Tokyo, many people enjoy their summer time here.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking, restroom and shower.
You can get rental parasols, floats, beach beds and body board.

0. at Shimoda Station.
1. use bus to Shirahama Beach (15 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Shirahama Ohama Beach

Shirahama Ohama Beach is the biggest beach in Izu peninsula and one of the most famous and beautiful beach in Japan.

You can also enjoy wind-surfing, surfing and body-boarding in certain area. There are many hotels by the beach.