Shiki Bus Sunflower & Grape Picking

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Shiki Bus Sunflower & Grape Picking (四季の旅・ひまわり&ぶどう狩り) offers you the 600,000 Sunflowers and grape picking that as much as you can eat. You can eat seasonable fresh grapes. After the grape picking, you will visit Shingenmochi factory and winery for shopping.

Tourist Info.
Starts at Shinjuku, Tokyo Metro Gov. Building at 7:30am
Back to the Shinjuku Station at 7:30pm

No restroom on the bus.

Fee: 6,800 JPY

Period: August

Kids Friendly Tour : Yes
Lunch : Not included
Onsen: No
Type: Fruits Picking

Bus will not wait for you. So, please be careful about the leaving time and don't be late.

15 min. from Shinjuku Station West Entrance.

Check out the meeting location.

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Shiki Bus Sunflower & Grape Picking

All you can eat at the grape fram. This tour offers you the fresh grape picking and 600,000 Sunflower at Akino farm. It will be great for family activities with your kids. You will also visiting Shingenmochi that is very famous sweets in Yamanashi factory and a winery.

Grape picking
You can eat as many as you want in the farm. There are some manners that you have to follow. You can only eat in the farm. You have 30 min. of picking and eating. If you can't finish eating your grape in the time, you have to buy it as your souvenior to bring them back home. Pick up your grape one by one. Don't pick up the piece from the grape. You have to pick up whole grape. Trash them into the backet.

The kinds of the grape you pick will be depend on the season.

What's special about this tour.
1. Only 40 people limited from 6,800 JPY as very reasonable price.
2. Safe and confortable with the special guide all the time.
3. You can join from single person. The seat will be located next to the same gender.
4. You can enjoy 600,000 Sunflower at Akino Sunflower Fes.
5. Picking Grapes at Katsunuma where the center of the grape producer in Japan.
6. Visiting the factory of Shingenmochi that is the most famous Yamanashi sweets, and Sweets outlet.
7. Visiting Winery of Katsunuma where is the famous for wines in Japan.

Akino has the longest Sun time in Japan. Therefore, it has one of the best Sunflowers in Japan. It has also great view of Minami Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. Fuji panoramaview. There are 600,000 flowers. There are many events such as photo contests and local markets.

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Tour Schedule (Estimate)
07:30 start sign up at the parking.
07:30 the bus leave Shinjuku.
11:30 at Akeno Sunflower park (90 min.)
13:00 the grape farm to pick up the grapes. (60 min.)
15:00 at Shingenmochi factory (30 min.)
16:00 at Katsunuma Winery (40 min.)
19:00 back to Shinjuku Station.