Seimei Shrine

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Seimei Shrine (晴明神社) is located in central Kyoto city. It enshrines famous Onmyo Priest Abe no Seimei. It was established in 1007. The pentagram is the mark of this shrine. This Onmyo do is a very important religion in the history of Japan.

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Seimei Shrine
Two torii gates lead up to the entrance of the shrine.

A famous well (Seimei-i) is located on the shrine grounds, and the water drawn from it is considered somewhat magical. Tea master Sen no Rikyū was known to have brewed tea with the water from this well.

The pentacle, known locally as a Seimei-star, is an important symbol found on many parts of the shrine. Abe no Seimei reputedly came up with the arcane insignia in the 10th century, symbolizing the Five Chinese Elements. Japanese bellflower (Platycodon grandiflorus) ornamentation are found in decorative tiles and lanterns. The five-petal tips of the flower are thought to represent the same ideal as the pentagram.

A nearby bridge, the Ichijō Modori-bashi is situated just south of the shrine, and is held to be a gateway between the human and spiritual realms.