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Seigakuin (清学院) is an old Fudo temple located in Sakai, Osaka. In Edo period, it was used for Terakoya, the elementary school. The building was constructed in late Edo period. The temple was for Shugendo, the religion of the sacred mountains. It displays those historical records and items.

Tourist Info.
No parking, but restroom.
Admission: 100 yen for adult. Under Junior and over 65 are free.
Closed: Tueseday.

0. at Sakai Higashi Station.
1. walk north (20 min.)

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Seigakuin appears in the record of 1689. It was used as Terakoya from the late Edo period to early Meiji period. The name of Terakoya was "Seikodo." The famous explorer Ekei Kawaguchi who is the first traveler crossed over Himalayas studied at this Terakoya.

It was also the temple of Shugendo, the religion of the sacred mountains. The room of Fudo is very unique because the temple itself is very small and fit with the small city. It displays the textbooks, the Japanese abacus and Suzuri. All of them including desks were actually used fro the class.