Sankeien Tea House

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Enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony!
At the lobby in the Sankei Memorial in Sankeienm, they are supplying maccha green tea with an authentic procedure for making tea according to traditional manners. You can also experience making tea. The tea master will kindly teach you how to make tea.

Tourist Info.
400 yen for maccha green tea and sweets. Ask them to experience tea making.

It is located on Sankeien.


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Sankeien Tea House

> You think experiencing tea ceremony is high standard rule and manner you have to follow? Check this Sankeien tea ceremony. You can taste the great maccha green tea made by "Ura Senke" tea masters. They serve you fresh maccha green tea with original sweets of Sankeien for only 400 yen.
> Also, you can try making maccha green tea by yourself. The tea master will nicely teach you have to mix the maccha green tea, and also all the manners for tea ceremony. Don't read book to study Japanese tea ceremony, just visit this Sankeien tea house. They will show and teach you everything about Japanese tea ceremony.