Umegashima Sandan Waterfall

Travel Information

Sandan waterfall (三段の滝, sandannotaki) is the three steps waterfall located deep side of Umegashima. It very close from the hot spring place. It is also on the way of Yakoryo hiking course. It is very small fall, but nature around the fall is very beautiful.

Tourist Info.
You can approach this fall by car, but not much parking space and end of the road is dead end. Park at the Umegashima, and walk because it is only 5 min. walk.

0. at Shizuoka station
1. use local bus to Umegashimaonsen (2 hr.)
2. walk north (5 min.)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Umegashima Sandan Waterfall

There are many hiking courses around this fall. So, after you enjoy hot spring at Umegashima, nice short walk to check this fall, or do the hiking and check out this fall, then enjoy hot spring.

You can also enjoy wild animals like bear, deer, monkey and wild boar.