Sakurayama Park

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Sakurayama Park (桜山公園) is one of 100 best Sakura Spots located in Gunma. There are 7,000 Winter-Sakura and 3,000 Someiyoshino that makes it one of the largest Sakura Spots in Japan. The park is located on a 591m tall mountain. Winter Sakura bloom in late Autumn when also has beautiful Koyo. Its beautiful scenery is registered as national scenic beauty and natural monument.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
In Spring and Autumn, there is parking fee.

Need a car to visit. Use rout 462 to 177.

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Sakurayama Park

Sakurayama park has 2 time of blossoms. One is in December and other is April. In December, Sakura bloom in beautiful Koyo. There are 10,000 Sakura trees in this park.

Sakura was planted as the memorial monument of the victory of Japan-Rosso war in 1908.