Ryuka Falls

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Ryuka Falls (竜化の滝) is 60m-high waterfalls located Shiobara Valley. It's three steps falls and considered as one of the most major waterfalls in Tochigi as well as Kegon Falls. In Shiobara Valley there are about100 waterfalls and Ryuka is the most famous falls of Shiobara waterfalls.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Nasushiobara Station.
1. use bus to Shiobara Onsen.
2. use local bus to Ryukanotaki.
3. walk north (20min.)

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Map around Ryuka Falls

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Ryuka Falls

The name of the falls literary means "Waterfalls of Changing Dragnon" because it looks like Dragon was rising up to the sky.

It is 130m long, 60m high, and 5m wide.