The rose garden of Furukawa

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The rose garden of Furukawa Garden (旧古川庭園) is one of the most famous rose garden in Tokyo. At the british style garden, there are 90 kinds 180 rose trees. In the middle of May, those roses bloom beautiful flowers. You can enjoy Japanese style garden and wonderful rose at the same time in this season.

Tourist Info.
There is a rose festival from the middle of May to the end of May. There is a light up until 21:00 during the festival (2011 is canceled.).

0. at Oji Station.
1. use Keihin Tohoku Line to Kaminakazato (2 min.)
2. walk south (5 min.)


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Detailed Travel Guide

The rose garden of Furukawa

Admission: 150 yen.
Open: 9:00 to 20:30 during the festival (not in 2011)

On Saturdays during the festival, there are music events.