Rokkakukbashi Shopping Street

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Rokkakukbashi Shopping Street (六角橋商店街) is one of the popular local shopping district in Yokohama. There are many retro style glossary stores. It has the taste of Showa era from both scenery and taste. Especially, there is a narrow street that has about 170 unique shops and food stands.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
There are many restroom in this street.

0. at Yokohama Station.
1. use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Hakuraku Station.

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Rokkakukbashi Shopping Street

Rokkakubashi Shopping Street is one of the oldest shopping street in Yokohama. There are about 170 shops that has all kinds of daily glossary for people. It is also known as great Ramen Spots. There are many ramen restaurants in this area.