The Restored Town of Ichijodani

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The Restored Town of Ichijodani (一乗谷復原町並) is the restored Samurai residence located in Fukui pref. Because Ichijodani had never been used for a city after the destruction in 1573, this ruins of a mega city had been preserved for over 400 years. Ichijodani have been restored its Samurai residence on the same location based on the scientific and historical researches. Therefore, it presents the real atmosphere and life of Sengoku Period.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Admission to the restored residence: 210 yen. There are group discount from 20.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00 (last entry 16:30)
Closed on: New Years Days.
They have experience wearing Kimono and Yoroi.

0. at Fukui Station
1. use Local bus to Ichijodani Bukeyashiki mae (30 min.)


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The Restored Town of Ichijodani

The ruins of Ichijodani proof many unsure subjects of Sengoku period. Because most of ruins remains today has been influenced the culture of Edo period, most of the knowledge of Sengoku Samura life are actually based on the culture of Edo period. Ichijodani had been was abandoned at the end of Sengok period, and it had been rested for over 400 years without major construction.

Therefore, the ruins and relics of Ichijodani proof the real life style of Samurai and citizens of Sengoku era. This restored residence built the exact same houses of Samurai and citizens based on their research.

This town consists of Shopping malls, middle class Samurai house, and high class Samurai house. The shopping malls, the main street and middle class Samurai houses had been restored in the same way based on the technology during 14th to 16th century.

Shopping Mall
This shopping mall is located in the area of the residence of the middle class Samurai. Therefore, these small tenants were rented to the merchants. There are store place, a well and a lavatory to represent the life of merchant in Sengoku Period. All relics found here are displayed at the Asakura Ichijodani Museum. They made the same items, and display as they were used to be. They discovered the print and ink shops and ceramic shops. They also discovered the armors in these shops. This means, in the emergency, merchants were also assembled as reserved soldiers.

The main street
It takes "Tomisyadan System." literary means the system blacking to see far end. This system exist only here in Ichijodani. Also, it is very wide because it was designed to prevent the spreading fire accidents.

The middle class Samurai residence
The house, garden, well, lavatory and storage were restored. At the well, they discovered many money which were hidden during the confusion of war. The room layout are the based on the ruins. It has fire place, and 3 tatami rooms. The burnt Tatami was found in this place. Tatami room in Edo period were allowed for only high class Samurai or Daimyo, but Samurai of Ichijodani had Tatami room.

Magara Jurozaemon Naotaka
Magara Naotaka (真柄直隆) is one of Samurai of Asakura clan. He was famous sword fighter during Sengoku period. He used Katana of 3m long in total. He demonstrated his sword technique to the 15th Muromachi Shogun, Yoshiaki. He died at the battle of Anegawa in 1570. His sword is displayed at Atsuta Shrine. At the restored Samurai House, they displayed the actual size photo over the wall.