Aka Fuji

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Aka Fuji (赤富士, red Mt. Fuji) is one of the favorite face of Mt. Fuji. When the sky is clear, the red light from sunset lighten Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji colored by red. This Aka Fuji phenomenon is one of the beautiful face of Mt. Fuji. The world famous Uyukiyoe artist Hokusai Katsushika made his work with Akafuji. Now days, people still take a photograph to catch the beautiful moment of Mt. Fuji. Lake Motosu is one of the best view spot of Mt. Fuji which even becomes the art work of Japanese bill, and of course you can enjoy great Aka Fuji, here at Lake Motosu.

0. at Kawaguchiko St.
1. Use local bus to Motosuko (40 min.)

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Aka Fuji

There are many spot you can see Red Fuji. It's better to see from Summer to Fall. You can see Aka Fuji by sunset from east side of Mt. Fuji.