Rafting at Shiki Tour

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Rafting at Shiki Tour (四季の旅・ラフティング) is one of the most exciting water activities in Japanese summer. The rafting is recreational outdoor activity on the river. Splashing water and exciting ride on raft going through Tone river, Gunma Prefecture. This tour offers about 90 min. on the boat, lunch and Onsen. It is very and reasonable from Shinjuku. This tour includes both way bus, rafting, pasta lunch and Onsen. The guide will be taking care of everything.

Tourist Info.
Starts at Shinjuku, Tokyo Metro Gov. Building at 7:45am (Sometimes bus leave at 7:15)
Back to the Shinjuku Station at 7:30pm

No restroom on the bus.

Fee: 10,500 to 12,500 JPY

Period: May to Oct.

Kids Friendly Tour : Yes
Lunch : Included. Add extra fee for BBQ
Onsen: Yes
Type: One Day Hiking
English Guide: Yes (just for the rafting)

Bus will not wait for you. So, please be careful about the leaving time and don't be late.

15 min. from Shinjuku Station West Entrance.
Check out the meeting location.


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Detailed Travel Guide

Rafting at Shiki Tour
The Tour Guide
The tour goes to Minakami, northern Gunma Prefecture. The raft travel though Tone river that is the longest river in Japan. It has a pure water with many splash points. You can enjoy great water activities by rafting.

The rafting is the outdoor activities that riding through the hard river with 8 people boat. You will spend about 90 min. on the boat.

First, you give your all valuables to the guide and change the clothing to wet suit at the base house. Recieve helmets and water shoes. Then, you will give all the belonging to the guide. They will have photographers for you to take pictures.

You will move to other location by another bus. In the bus, the rafting guide will lecture you about safety instruction and how to use the tools. There are some English speaking guides. So, ask them if you want to join in English.

Move to the river. Practicing how to swim the river with safety suit. Final lecture for on the boat.

The ridding time on the rafting is about 90 min.

After rafting, the guide take you back at the parking. You pick up your belonging and change your clothing. You can take a show, but don't spend too much time because you will have lunch time right after this.

Don't forget to pick up your valuables.

Lunch (BBQ) place is located nearby the base house. You will have about 60 min. Please clean up the dishes after eating lunch.

Then, move to Onsen. Exchange the key of the shoes to clothing locker at the cashier.
You will have about 60 min. at Onsen. (If you don't like Onsen, you can just relax at the resting area.

Then, bus takes you back to Shinjuku Station.

What you prepare

Swimming wear, towels and extra under wears.

Time Schedule
7:15 start sign up at the parking. (Some of the tour leave at 7:15)
7:45 the bus leave Shinjuku.
8:45 stop for restroom break.
11:00 arrive at Minakami Rafting Base House.
15:00 late lunch
16:00 arrive at Onsen
17:00 the bus leave at Onsen.
18:00 stop for restroom break.
19:30 back at Shinjuku Station.

Note: The schedule is all depended on the condition of the traffic.

The Tour Includes
The bus tickets.
The rafting and lunch.
Onsen Fee.
The Insurance.

Tour dates that include the English guide:
August 20 (Thursday), August 23 (day), August 27 (Thursday), September 3 (Thursday), September 5 (Saturday), September 10 (Thursday), September the 13th (day), September 17 (Thursday).

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