Hiking at Mt. Oyama

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Hiking at Mt. Oyama (大山ハイキング) is one of the popular hiking around Tokyo. Mt. Oyama is a 1,252m tall mountain located in Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture. The entire hiking takes about 4 hours from Afuri Shrine. It has a great view of Kanagawa Prefecture including Mt. Fuji.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
The cable car: 640 yen for one-way, and 1,120 yen for a round trip. Half the price for the kids.
Time: 9:00 and last car from the top is 17:00.

0. at Isehara Station.
1. use a local bus to Oyama Cable.

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Hiking at Mt. Oyama
The altitude: 1,252m
The altitude difference: about 948m
Time: 4 hours for a round trip.
Rank: middle.

Oyama is the mountain of Afuri Shrine. Afuri Shrine was built in 97 B.C.E. Many Samurai, such as Minamoto no Yoritomo visit here and prayed for their success. There are two Afuri Shrine. Lower and Upper. The Upper shrine is located on the top of Mt. Oyama. Cable car accesses to the Lower Shrine which altitude is 700m from the sea level. Many people start hiking from the lower shrine.