Orihime Shrine

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Orihime Shrine (織姫神社) was built in 1704 by Toda Tadatoshi, and moved at current location in 1937. Ashikaga is popular for its weaving, and this shrine is dedicated and enshrined the princess of weaving who made a cloth of Amaterasu Omikami. Orihime Shrine is located on the top of Orihime Mountain, and it has great view of Ashikaga area.

Visitors Info.
There is a parking.

0. at Ashikaga Station
1. walk west (20 min.)


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Map around Orihime Shrine

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Orihime Shrine

Ashikaga has the history of weaving for 1300 years. In 1704, when Toda Tadatoshi became a domain lord of Ashikaga, he found out that there was no shrine enshrined weaving, and asked Ise Jingu Shrine to establish the Orihime, the princess of weaving who weaved the cloth for Amaterasu Omikami, at Ashikaga.

In 1880, the previous shrine was burnt down, and in 1937 reconstructed at Orihime Mountain.

Match maker
Orihime Shrine is famous for all kinds of match makings.
Red: match making for person.
Yellow: match making for health.
Green: match making for the intelligence.
Blue: match making for a great life.
Deep Red: match making for a job.
Purple: match making for a business.